"My všichni jsme povoláni skrze náš křest k životu, který vyjadřuje Boží lásku, 

jež se projevila v Ježíši Kristu." (Jn 15,12)


Happy the missionary, 

who is totally in love with Christ, 

who trusts Him as the most important and absolute, 

for she will not be disillusioned.


Happy the  missionary, 

who every morning say "ABBA",

bearing in her heart all races, people and cultures,

for she will be called child of God.


Happy the missionary,

who maintains her ideal and her dream of Kingdom

and does not loose her time in accidentals,

for she will find harmony with God´s will.


Happy the missionary,

who percieves what the Church needs of her,

but who does not feel indispensable,

for she will experience the joy of having responded.


Happy the missionary,

who possesses nothing, but what she is and what she has

she spends at the service of others, 

for she will be rich in Christ.


Happy the obedient missionary,

who knows how incline her ear to the heart of God,

to listen to His desires, 

for  the Spirit will help her to concern the signs of the times

             ...with simplicity, for Christ will always reveal Himself

             as He really is.


Happy the missionary,

who lives like a pilgrim and who does not pitch her tent on this earth,

for she will enjoy HERE and NOW 

what she is longing for.


Happy the missionary,

who recognizes and accepts her weaknesses  and limitations

and does not pretend invincible,

for God finds delight in the humble of heart.


Happy the missionary, 

who does not take excessive pride in her achievments,

but recognizes the Spirit, who does ALL in ALL,

for she will find freedom from all that enslave her.


Happy the missionary,

who lives in genuine joy, hope and fraternity,

for she will be loved and treasured by those around her.


Happy the missionary,

who knows how to discern with wisdom what is appropriate,

to speak or to keep silent in every circumstance,

for the Spirit of truth will set her free.


Happy  the missionary,

who cannot live deprived of prayer and  the Word of God,

for these give vital meaning and nourishment to her life.


Happy the missionary,

who always has time to contemplate God, the world and people,

for she will understand her worth of being daughter, sister and mother.


Happy the missionary, 

who announces the truth about Jesus Christ 

and denounces with mercy and  compassion the injustices that oppress the people,

for she will be called the prophet of the Lord.


Happy the missionary,

who knows how to value and assume the culture of the people

whom she is sent,

for she understands the mystery of the Incarnation.


Happy the missionary,

who has time to give joy to others,

who finds time to be with friends, to feel human  and needed,

for she understands the meaning of love.


Happy the missionary,

who  knows how to embrace the Cross 

and to make it an instrument of salvation,

for she will be strengthened by it 

and it become for her the sign of her resurrection.


Happy the missionary,

who has Mary as Mother and Model of evangelization,

for she herself will be evangelized.


Happy the missionary,

who feeling her waning strength does not recoil from giving herself,

but accepts the challenge of every stage of her life,

for God will accept her offering and bring it to fulfillment.


(Original written by: Sr. Maria Virginia Gette, SSpS

         Argentina, North Province)